Relaxing on the porch

Front view of house and front yard

Frankie resting after a dig day of

                                              play above

Goober exhausted from chasing


Taylor getting comfortable

Adorable Abby below

Part of the front yard

Photos of doggie dorm above


House front to right

Pictures around doggie dorm

Labs looking over their bedroom gate  in doggie dorm                           

Small and large dogs  have their separate areas unless they come together and the larger is of temperamant to be with the smaller guys.

The small to medium have the large front yard with sandbox and large deck and porch. They have all day (weather permitting ) to run and play with their friends or rest on the porch furniture.

Large dogs enjoy a spacious backyard with pool and sandbox and plenty of room to run.

At night guests are "buddied" with their friends they have made during the day in the doggie dormatory which is ac/heated and has doggie doors leading to a covered porch, rock area and yard.


Almost Home Pet Retreat & doggie daycare